Examination Gloves
Examination Gloves we offer are the disposable gloves which must be used by the medical professionals during several medical procedures as well as examinations. The said gloves are utilized to reduce the risk of transmittance of contaminants.
Disposable Gown
Available in various sizes and designs, our Disposable Gowns are the epitome of convenience and hygiene. Manufactured with attention to detail, each gown undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee effectiveness against contaminants.
Disposable Cap
Disposable caps we deal in are demanded in various sectors such as healthcare and food. The caps can reduce the risk of cross-contamination due to their disposable nature as well as low economic price.
Cotton Products
The cotton products we deal in are suited for medical purposes in hospitals, dispensaries and nursing home. These have several attributes such as high strength, skin-friendliness, tear & moisture resistance, and durability.
Orthopedic Bandage And Fixator
Orthopedic Bandage And Fixator we deal in are used for reducing the risk of infection as well as severity of the injury. These are required to treat cuts and injuries of different types.
Gauze Products
Gauze products we deal in are made from highly absorbent material. These are used for dressing wounds as well as stop the bleeding. Supplied products provide reliable protection against corrosion as well as harmful substances.
Disposable Drape And Sheet
The disposable drape and sheets we deal in are apt for the medical settings such as hospitals, operating rooms and clinics. These are made from breathable materials and provide high functionality.
Wet Wipes
Wet wipes we deal in are highly useful for cleansing as well as caring of the skin of babies and adults. These are apt for the hygiene and well-being of users.
Lumen Catheter
We are dealing in Lumen caterers, which are well known for protecting the hair and prevent the contamination of a particular area. These are suited to be used by the surgeons as well as medical staffs.
Medical Kits
The Medical kits we deal in are used to reduce the risk of infection as well as injury. The said kits are used to treat cuts, injuries and scrapes. Supplied kits are included with all tools, required for a medical procedure.
Protective Coverall
Protective coveralls supplied by us provide high level of protection during work activities. These can replace personal clothing and make sure that the workers are free from chemical, electromagnetic, biological, thermal, mechanical, and electrical hazards.
Waste Bag
The Waste Bags are useful for keeping the messy or wet rubbish, such as food waste and others. These are highly useful for wrapping up garbage and function as the best waste storage essential.
Under Pads
Underpads we deal in are often suited for protecting the skin of patients who are incontinent. Supplied pads can effectively absorb moisture and provide a fast-drying surface to the skin.
Bipap Face Mask
Innovative design meets clinical efficacy in our Bipap Face Masks, revolutionizing respiratory therapy. Engineered for seamless integration with Bipap machines, they facilitate hassle-free therapy delivery, optimizing patient comfort and compliance.
Surgical Mask
As a trusted supplier, we understand the critical importance of reliable personal protective equipment for the safety of surgeons. Our Surgical Masks offer superior protection against respiratory hazards, including bacteria and viruses.

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