Orthopedic Bandage And Fixator

The Orthopedic Bandage And Fixator is offered by us in which metal pins or screws are placed into the bone through small incisions into the skin and muscle. The pins and screws are attached to a bar outside the skin. Because pins are inserted into bone, external fixators differ from casts and splints which rely solely on external support. The orthopedic bandage for immobilizing or supporting portions of the body comprises a flexible carrier. Orthopedic Bandage And Fixator is very useful.

Elastic Adhesive Bandage

  • Supply Ability:5000 Per Month
  • Usage:Medical
  • Foldable:Yes
  • Sterilized:Yes
  • Recyclable:Yes
  • Material:Cotton
Price: 180 INR/Piece

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